He was born on March 20, 1956 in Bellcaire d ‘Urgell (Lleida). In 1979 he obtained a degree in Chemical Sciences in the specialty of Organic from the University of Barcelona. Professor at the Molí Institute in Vila de Capellades where he has held the position of director. of Chemistry from Mc Graw Gill Publishing for high school students. In 2003 he began collaborating with the Bullitaller research team, structuring what was Bulli’s scientific department. In 2004 he became head of the Scientific-Gastronomic Research Department of the Alícia Foundation until 2012. In 2006 the book “Scientific-gastronomic lexicon” was published by Editorial Planeta, co-authored with Albert and Ferran Adrià, translated into 5 languages. He has been a member of the board of the ACCA (Catalan Association of Food Sciences).

Curator of the exhibition Condensed Matter. Cooking science (Arts Santa Mònica Barcelona 7 July-8 December 2010). He has collaborated with the magazine “Investigación y ciencia”

Collaborator of the “Science and cooking” course at Harvard since 2010.

He has coordinated the UB – Bullipedia Unit of the University of Barcelona and the UERCC (Science and Cuisine Educational and Research Unit) of the University of Barcelona. Author with Victoria Pons of the course “Food and dietetics for a return to the world of sailing”

He published “La cuina del futur” in 2016 as a project of the Food Campus of the University of Barcelona. And he is currently collaborating with Gastrocultura Mediterrània, Be better my Friend and Gastro Ventures to develop gastronomic and social research projects. President of Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona.