Dialogue, tradition and innovation

After 25 years of the congress held in Erice that laid the foundations for molecular gastronomy, this monograph offers an excellent journey through the history and development of this new discipline that emerged from the dialogue between scientists and chefs. Presented by Professor Davide Cassi, the publication brings together a selection of articles signed by prominent members of the new gastronomic science: Hervé This, Nicholas Kurti, Pere Castells and Claudi Mans. Discover in these pages the molecular secrets of a long list of ingredients, foods, dishes and preparations, as well as the keys to the techniques that are revolutionizing the kitchen.

Presentation: A very special banquet By Davide Cassi

Chemistry and physics of the kitchen Science is unraveling the physical and chemical reasons behind chefs’ master dishes, while providing some recommendations. By Nicholas Kurti and Hervé This

The new scientific cuisine From uncertainty to culinary predictability through science: the great step forward in 21st century cuisine. By Claudi Mans and Pere Castells

INGREDIENTS AND FOODS 22 Quinine 23 Tannins fade 24 Between plant and sweetener 26 Starch 27 Xanthan, the thickener of the future 29 Fibers 32 Cooking for celiacs 33 The green color of beans 34 Five a day! 36 Caviar 37 Insects come to the table 40 Jellyfish on the plate 41 Sardines 43 Cardinalization 44 Food pairing: art or science?

ELABORATIONS AND DISHES 48 Culinary kinships 49 Alioli arrives at Harvard 50 Chocolate 52 Pickled cucumbers 53 Jams and marmalades 54 The perfect cream 57 Soybeans 58 Pizza 59 Mead 62 Cava 63 Gazpacho 65 Skimmed, but less tasty 66 Meringues, air crystals 67 Christmas menu dedicated to chemists

PROCESSES, TECHNIQUES AND APPLIANCES 72 Drying 73 The flavor of roast chicken 74 Softening foods 76 Fried foods 77 Foam stabilization 79 Soft textures 80 Distillation reaches the kitchen 82 Spherification 83 The importance of foams in the kitchen 84 Nitrogen liquid in the kitchen 86 The new pasteurizations 88 Lyophilisates, food of the future? 89 Vacuum cooking 91 3D printing comes to the kitchen 92 Cooking with microwaves 94 The new generation of food processors

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