The high temperatures of the oil produce a crunchy texture and a characteristic taste.

Frying is one of the oldest cooking techniques. Fried foods are enjoying increasing popularity; They are consumed by people of all ages. This is due to its distinctive flavor and aroma, attractive appearance and crisp texture. In addition, its preparation is usually easy and fast. And its practically total microbiological safety.

The definition of frying already indicates the characteristic parameters of this type of cooking: totally or partially immersing food products in a fat bath at temperatures above 150ºC, where the lipid, by transmitting heat, produces rapid heating of the food.

The high temperatures that are reached when frying achieve a faster and more uniform penetration of the heat towards the interior of the product that is being cooked; at the same time, they favor the Maillard browning reaction and rapid dehydration, resulting in a crispy finish.

A key element in this type of cooking is the fat used. We distinguish between the oil and the frying mass. Both can have an animal or vegetable origin.

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