Science surrounds us in the most everyday phenomena. to evolve in the learning of scientific concepts. But we must be aware that everything we do and also logically in the kitchen must be manageable. Everything we do cannot contribute to the deterioration of the planet. Concepts such as food waste and the circular economy must be very present today and especially in our future.

The talk has two purposes. In the first case, provide tools so that research can be induced in kitchens and make scientific practices profitable as an efficient learning vehicle by minimizing time spent in class. In this way we can deal with issues such as mass, volume, density, viscosity and emulsions through simple practices with oil and water and other commonly used components. Dissolutions, soft textures, chemical reactions (acid-base, caramelization, etc.). And secondly, to make the population aware that through Science and Cuisine it can be an opportunity for the SUSTAINABILITY OF THE FUTURE.
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Science and cooking – 2021