The kitchen of the future will not be like as we have known it so far. It has already produced a substantial change in the social perception of the cooking phenomenon. The kitchen has acquired an unimaginable prestige just one year and this will mark the events of the future. Many of these changes are already happening today and this new perspective is going to introduce progressive changes in the whole society through the kitchen. The joint efforts of cooks as well as historians, artists, architects, chemists, doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, physicists, engineers, philosophers and others, who represent consolidated academic disciplines, will make the evolution of cooking cap into the future receive a conceptual impulse that will revert to the entire society with cuisine, science and health as basic axes.

They have participated:

Màrius Rubiralta, for the prologue

Josep Boatella, for the presentation

Tom Hockaday, foreword.

I come to specialists

Carme Ruscalleda, for chapter 1. Cook. Restaurants Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, Sant Pau in Tokyo and Moments in Barcelona.
Albert Monferrer, for chapter 2. Veterinarian. Technical Director of BDN Food Solutions.
Cristina Andrés-Lacueva, chapter 3. Professor and Coordinator of the Biomarkers and Nutritional Metabolomics Research Group. Department of Nutrition and Bromatology. Faculty of Pharmacy. University of Barcelona.
Martí Guixé, for chapter 4. General designer.
José Alfonso Canicio, for chapter 5. Chemical Engineer. Professor Emeritus of Industrial Chemistry at IQS. Expert in fine chemicals, natural extraction, environment and aquaculture.
Xavier Costa, chapter 6. General Manager of Lékué.
Felip Fenollosa, for chapter 7. General Director of the CIM Foundation – UPC.
Josep Mª Monfort, for chapter 8. Director General of the Institute of Research and Agrifood Technology of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Jordi Torres, for Chapter 9. Professor at the UPC and BSC, expert in advanced computing technologies and data analytics.
Àngela Jover, for chapter 10. Deputy Director General of Fair Cuisine – Cassià Just Foundation.
Ramón Estruch, for chapter 11. Department of Internal Medicine. Hospital Clinic. University of Barcelona.
Ferran Adrià, for the epilogue. Chef. The Bulli Foundation.
Joan Roca, for the epilogue. Chef. Restaurant El Celler de Can Roca.

The kitchen of the future published in Chile. The publishing house Catalonia de Chile will decide on an edition for the Iberoamerican countries
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Dia 5 de març 2016 a les 18 h La casa del llibre Rambla de Catalunya,37. Barcelona

Dia 15 de març 2016 a les 19 h Llibreria 22 . Girona

Dia 14 d’abril 2016 a les 19 h Llibreria Saltamartí. Badalona

Dia 15 d’abril 2016 a les 19 h Llibreria Caselles. Lleida

Dia 22 d’abril 2016 a les 19 h Llibreries de Capellades.

23 abril Firma amb Carme Ruscalleda de 5 a 6 de la tarda a Rambla Catalunya 20 (entre Diputació i Gran Via)

El viernes 13 de mayo, a las seis de la tarde, en la librería ELKAR. El chef Andoni Luis Aduriz presentó en Donostia La cocina del futuro, el libro de Pere Castells que conceptualiza cocina, ciencia y salud.

Conferencias y La cocina del futuro en Santiago de Chile

Versió kindle

Versión en castellano


Versió català de “La cuina del futur”